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I work with clients across the board from major advertising agencies and corporate clients, to invidual pubs, bars and clubs. My work takes me from Dublin to Istanbul and beyond, and my work is appreciated by many happy customers. Working direcly with you I will try and make your chalkboards match your requirements, be they modern or traditional. If you have a logo that needs to be on your boards or particular colours that needs to match – no problem. I have many years as a Chalkboard Artist and have a long list of very satisfied clients.

Chalkboard Artist

From start to finish you always deal with me directly, and I am happy to travel to your premises to work. Get in touch quickly if you have a deadline though as time has a tendency to be eaten up and I am booked fairly heavily in advance at times.

Chalkboard Artist
All work supplied is my own and is original, unfortunately some people do try and pass my work off as their own – but once you have seen me work for yourself you will see the difference in quality immediately. I am of course happy to prepare any surfaces that may have previously had old tired signs written on them and can either re black existing boards or have boards and A boards manufactured to order to match your requirements.

Increasingly popular are the murals I create. If you have a large blank wall then a mural is a lasting way of turning that wall into a feature – let your imagination run wild or have your corporate logo or business image emblazoned across the first wall  your customers see in your building – just tell me your ideas and I will make sure I provide what’s possible to the highest standard.

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